Arts-Based Therapy – What is it?

‘Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) is the evidence-based use of art forms to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. The basis of ABT lies in Indian Psychology and Ethics, Studies of Human Development, Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Neurosciences

Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) is a contemporary therapy based on traditional and modern artistic material.

The term was coined by WCCL Foundation in 2001 to represent the use of various art forms such as rhythm, drama, visual arts individually and in an integrated format in therapy. For more see here

In ABT there is a concurrence of art forms (drama, music and visual arts). This enables a Practitioner to acquire a generic vocabulary of stories, songs, roles, rhythms, drawings and colours, and use appropriate combinations to address specific client needs.


Modular Format for working professionals in the health sector 9 month duration comprising 14 days of Studio-Seminars (class training) , 2 modules of 1 week each
Intensive format providing practical and applicable skills 25 Credit Hours – Total 383 hours. Studio-Seminars (113 hrs) ; Assignments+On-Field Work (120+150 hrs)
Rigorous faculty support towards - Supervising Guides and Mentors On-Field (Practical) Training done either with organization the participant currently works at OR choses to volunteer with
Continuous assistance through regular and individual feedback Assignments specially designed to enrich practical learning
Integrated Arts allow diverse range of therapeutic combinations to suit individual client needs Teaching Manuals & ABT Learning and Education Kit (comprising music , visual art & theatre aids such as paints, drums, clay, bean bags, scarves) provided as part of Course Fees

ABT – How and Why

Arts-Based Therapy is an experiential form of Therapy that involves the whole body, mind and senses. Rather than focusing on the specific impairment of clients, it compassionately views the individual as a whole.
ABT connects both sides of the brain seamlessly with the whole being to enable non-verbal expression and deep-rooted healing
ABT is the use of artistic tools to help express and empower individuals to realize their highest potential


Visual Arts –Exploring Your Inner Canvas

ABT explores VA techniques “The use of one’s hands and imagination can be fulfilling for clients. Art therapy can reduce the need for medication, reduce anxiety and help improve cognitive skills” Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, Founder Director, Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute, President of Art Therapy Without Borders

Voice & Body – Engage with Your Being

ABT employs theatre tools. “The body is the primary means of learning, and all learning is secondary to that first learned through the body. Play and Drama therapy focuses on experiences within and can help with internal physiological and emotional experiences and with regulation coping strategies” Dr. Sue Jennings, 2005, p. 67 Pioneer Drama & Play Therapy, Europe

Music and Drumming – Tune into Your Rhythm

ABT uses rhythm “Brain research involving music has shown that music has a distinct influence on the brain by stimulating physiologically complex cognitive, affective and sensorimotor processes” Michael Thaut in Rhythm, Music and The Brain

Subtle Energy Guide – Be Your Own Therapist

ABT is based on the foundation of Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy and lays emphasis on Eastern Mind Training principals. "All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind " Gautama Buddha, Dhammapada